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[2018-08] WinTech Nano-Technology, building a workforce with Singaporeans at its Core
The following article is taken from Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA).

With the recent changes in the hiring policy, companies in Singapore are revisiting their recruitment plans. WinTech Nano-Technology Services Pte Ltd, a leading High-Tech Laboratory is focused on hiring more Singaporeans.

The company has recently invested S$6 million to set up a new physical failure analysis lab in Science Park II, the Alpha. New laboratory demands increased manpower however it’s a challenge to hire Singaporeans as they are not inclined to do night shifts.

How does WinTech resolve this issue? In order to attract more Singaporeans to join the company as night shift engineers, the company has greatly increased night shift, shift allowance by S$400.

Company CEO, Mr Li said “Through the increase allowance, we would like to attract more Singaporeans to join us in taking night shift duties so that we can build a workforce with Singaporeans at its core.” This commitment in building a Singaporean core workforce is reflected in the recent company’s expansion hiring strategy, where more than 15 Singaporean/PR are employed.

WinTech’s top management has also put in place some action plan to retain talents and meet the growing manpower needs. This includes:

• IDENTIFYING and keeping core personnel especially high/mid-level management appointment holders and key engineers through an enhanced retention plan (such as higher priority for salary increment, enhanced bonus, and offering of company’s appreciation shares);

• Setting up comprehensive OJT (On-job-training) system to help fresh engineers integrate into the company and develop their technical skills set;

• Training future talents through the IPP (Industrial Post-graduate Programme) in cooperation with NUS/NTU/SUTD and EDB.

[2017-07] Wintech-Nano Supported Local Education and Collaborated with Republic Polytechnic

Republic Polytechnic is a leading institute in providing high quality workforce for Singapore Semiconductor industry. WinTech Nano FA lab host a group of students and lecturers from Measurement Techniques & Failure Analysis module. Our EFA manager and other colleagues introduced the state-of-art Failure Analysis lab and Material Characterization lab. During the lab visit, RP students were show some latest Failure Analysis technology and instruments. Students were showing great interests in future career path in Semiconductor and Failure Analysis. Senior lecturer Mr. Lau said: the students like the lab tour a lot. The tour show them the sophisticated equipment. It keep them updated on the advance tool and theory they have learned in the school.” We are looking forward to further collaborate with Republic Polytechnic in the future.

[2017-04] SEMICON Southeast Asia & Exhibition at SPICE, Penang, Malaysia

The SEMICON Southeast Asia 2017 held from 25th to 27th April in SPICE, Penang, Malaysia which was the largest event held at SPICE and with a total attendance of more than 6700 visitors from various industries around the world. Wintech-Nano was invited to be one of the exhibitors and Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (Operation/Technical) was invited to provide a technical talk titled “Studies of Fluorine-induced Corrosion and Defects on Microchip Al Bondpads and Auger Monitoring for Quality Control and Assurance” at IC Failure Analysis Forum on 26th April 2017.

Wintech-Nano (Singapore) team: Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (Technical and Operation) (middle); Mr. Khoo Bing Sheng, Manager (PFA Division) (left); Miss Shen Yue, Assistant Manager (Surface Division).

Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (Technical and Operation) (left) and Mr. Khoo Bing Sheng, Manager (PFA Division) (middle) were introducing Wintech-Nano capability and service to the exhibition visitor.

Mr. Khoo Bing Sheng, Manager (PFA Division) (middle) was introducing Wintech-Nano capability and service to the exhibition visitors.

Miss Shen Yue, Assistant Manager (Surface Division) was introducing Wintech-Nano capability and service to the exhibition visitors.

Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (Technical and Operation) was in the IC Failure Analysis Forum.

Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (technical and operation) was in the IC Failure Analysis Forum.

Dr Hua Younan, Senior Director (Technical and Operation) was receiving the award from the Chairman.

[2017-04] China Embassy Visit WinTech Nano Singapore

April 7, the People's Republic of China Embassy in Singapore Wang Rongfang Counselor, Yan Zhiyong Secretary, Jiangsu Province in Singapore Representative Office Luo Bing visit WinTech Nano (Singapore).Wang Zanzhe and his entourage have listened to the development of the company's development, and visited the material analysis and analysis center, failure analysis center and other departments. After listening to the introduction, Wang Counselor spoke highly of the construction of the company in Singapore, and fully affirmed the company's efforts to expand overseas operations to participate in overseas "new silk road" and wish WinTech Nano future success.

[2017-03] Singapore Jiangsu Associate Gala Dinner

On the evening of March 26, 2017, Singapore Jiangsu Associate celebration was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore. WinTech Nano was invited to participate this grand opening. This community organization, created by local new immigrants from Jiangsu Province, has injected new vitality into local township halls and new immigrant groups.

[2017-03] Cooperation Agreement between Singapore Jiangsu Associate and Nanopolis

[ifeng.com]At present, there are 50 nanotechnology companies in Singapore and more than 1,000 researchers, nanoscience scientists and nano-engineers, and actively challenge the technology limit. As the region's largest nanotechnology cluster, Singapore is able to promote new renewable energy, green buildings and medical equipment in the Asian market. It will undoubtedly be a huge boost to Singapore's industrial upgrading and productivity.

Singapore government and scientists are working on nano-technology commercialization into real product. Singapore has strong scientific research capabilities and advanced laboratory which forming a large platform to achieve technology transfer.

Last year, Singapore Jiangsu Associate and Nanopolis signed a series of strategic cooperation agreement. This platform will bring the world's best innovative in Singapore with the world's largest nano-technology market in China.

[2017-03] Peking University Singapore Alumni Event

On March 25, Peking University Singapore Alumni Association held a "look at the future development of Sino-Singapore relations from China," and President Li Xiaomin, President of WinTech Nano, was invited as a guest speaker to introduce WinTech Nano business expansion in Singapore and China. He has served as a Singapore- Mr. LEE Yi Shyan, Co-Chair of the Cooperation Council and Co-Chair of the Singapore-Shandong Economic and Trade Council, was invited to attend the event. Activities on the guests to discuss the warm, we are very optimistic about the development of China, Suzhou Industrial Park, the successful mode of cooperation hope to copy and expand.

[2016-12] New clan group for residents from Jiangsu

[Straitstimes] A group of professionals from China's Jiangsu province, all new Singapore citizens or permanent residents, have set up their own clan association, increasing the number of such groups to at least 14.

Led by Dr Zhou Zhaocheng, 43, a Lianhe Zaobao senior executive and columnist, the Jiangsu Association (Singapore) was registered about two weeks ago.

Dr Zhou, an active Chinese community leader who is also a council member of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA), said his group's 20 mostly tertiary-educated founding members include scientists, engineers, lecturers and entrepreneurs.

There has been a spike in the number of clan associations formed by new Chinese citizens or PRs in the last five years, with at least eight new groups being formed, more than the original six set up between 1990 and 2010.

Indeed, Jiangsu Association's president Dr Zhou, who came here in 1998, said among his group's objectives are plans to strengthen ties between Jiangsu province and Singapore through business, education and cultural exchange.

WinTech Nano Senior Director Dr. Hua Younan was elected as Vice President in Jiangsu Associate.

[2016-09] Interfinish World Congress & Exhibition

The quadrennial 19th Interfinish World Congress & Exhibition was held on September 20 in Beijing, the first time the International Union for Surface Finishing(IUSF) has convened the conference in China.Wintech Nano’s Marketing Director Fu Chao gave an address on NiP surface analysis methods at the conference.The Interfinish series is an international conference chaired by the IUSF, where union members take turns to host every four years. Between the two conferences, a continent will take turns each year to host a regional meeting within the continent. The International Surface Finishing Alliance is born of a network of associations and educational societies coming together to advance the scientific knowledge and educational development of surface finishing, focusing on the science and technology of it. At present, the Union has 27 societies and associations from 23 countries.

[2016-08] Shenzhen Seminar

Wintech Nano hosted the Shenzhen Seminar on 17 August 2016 at the Shenzhen Science Park for more than 300 participants. The seminar was headlined by Wintech’s Senior Director (Business Operations and Technical), Dr. Hua Younan, with a presentation titled "Application of Chemical Analysis Technology in Quality Assurance, Failure Analysis and Material Characterisation”. Dr. Cui Huisheng, Tescan China’s Application Director made a presentation titled "New advances in electron microscopy technology and applications in semiconductor failure analysis". Dai Yufeng, head of Huawei's 2012 Laboratory Device Analysis Center, delivered on "Value of failure analysis in system reliability”. Our Marketing Director, Fu Chao, then wrapped up the rest of the proceedings with a report on "Advanced packaging and complex chip failure analysis methods".

[2016-03] Shanghai-Suzhou Symposium on Failure Analysis

The Shanghai-Suzhou Symposium on Failure Analysis was held in Shanghai and Suzhou on March 7 and March 11 respectively, bringing together various R & D and analysis experts from the Yangtze River Delta region to discuss production and design issues faced by industries. All sorts of problems, focusing on material analysis, pollutant analysis, failure analysis and other leading new methods from around the world were discussed and explored on. The symposium saw more than 800 keen and enthusiastic professionals taking part actively.

[2015-08] WinTech Nano is presented the plaque for achieving ISO17025 Certification

Wintech Nano is proud to be able to attend SAC Customer Day on 13 August 2015, as one of the awardees of the ISO17025 Certification for Chemical and Biological Testing.

Our Marketing Director, Mr Fu Chao is sharing a case study as part of the programme on the day itself.

The Quality Lead, Mr Desmond Teo (centre), collecting the award from Mr Renny Yeo, Chairman of the SAC (left).

[2013-11] WinTech Nano’s presence in NDT in Aerospace

WinTech Nano introduced its materials characterization experience in the 5th Internatiional Symposium on NDT in Aerospace on 13~15 Nov. 2013. Many participants were interested in the analytic service of WinTech Nano and enquiring about the application of materials characterization in NDT. It's very promising for WinTech Nano to have more collaboration with the aerospace industry in future.

[2013-09] WinTech Nano Go CHINano

Having attended CHINano 2013 on 24~27 September in Suzhou, WinTech Nano built up close connections with R&D experts, nano-technology enterprise and government support in China.

CHINano is

  1. 1) a professional event multi-disciplinary gathering of research, development & commercialization experts from nanotech community home and abroad;
  2. 2) the largest Chinese business exhibition focusing on nanotechnology research and commercialization;
  3. 3) the best platform to gain latest nanotech information and achievements in Chinese high-tech market;
  4. 4) a good overview of nanotech ecosystem and capabilities in Suzhou Industrial Park.

[2013-07] WinTech Nano attended IPFA 2013

15-19 July 2013, WinTech Nano exhibited at 20th IPFA 2013(International Symposium on the Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits) in Su Zhou, China. As a leading FA service laboratory in Asia, WinTech Nano demonstrated our full spectrum of analytic capability in failure analysis and showcased our innovative one-stop solution in the area of surface analysis, EBSD and TEM analysis. More details are available at the link below.

Application of Transition EBSD in Aluminium Metal Layer and GaAs/As Epitaxial Layers
by Dr. Shen YQ

Visualization of Crystalline Defects in Silicon, a Cause of Electrical Leakage in Semiconductor Devices
by Dr. Chow SY

Composition Distribution Studies of Sn/Ag/Cu Solder Materials Using TOF-SIMS, XPS and EDX
by Dr. Lee HS
Published on Physical and Failure Analysis of Integrated Circuits (IPFA), 2013 20th IEEE International Symposium on the Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/IPFA.2013.6599145, Publication Year: 2013

[2013-05-09] Technical Presentation on SuZhou PCB Show 2013

On 9 May 2013, Mr. Feng Yang, Marketing Manager of WinTech Nano presented “Application of TOF-SIMS and XPS in the investigation of PCB delamination” on Su Zhou PCB Show.

[2013-05] WinTech Nano attended SuZhou PCB Show 2013

WinTech Nano participated in Su Zhou PCB show on 8~10 May, 2013. A number of manufacturers in PCB assembly showed strong interest in the analytic service provided by WinTech Nano, such as thickness measurement of metallic coating and oxidization on surface, PCB cross-section analysis, surface roughness analysis, contamination analysis on sample surface.

[2013-03] WinTech Nano attended SEMICON China 2013

Having established striking reputation in analytic service industry in Southeast Asia, WinTech Nano has been embarking on the wave of rapid development of semiconductor in China. As an exhibitor on SEMICON China 2013 in March in Shanghai, one of the key semiconductor sector trade shows in China, WinTech Nano has made sustainable connection with local manufacturers, technical team and policy makers from semiconductor sector, and more collaboration are expected in the near future.

[2013-03-08] 2013 Failure Analysis and Material Characterization Workshop in Su Zhou, China

8th Mar. 2013, WinTech Nano conducted a series of Technical Workshop at Suzhou Dushu Lake Hotel. Over 100 technical personnel from Semiconductor, hard drive, display panels, LED, nanomaterial, University and Research Institution attended the workshop.

In order to answer many enquiries regarding failure analysis and materials characterization in the manufacturing and R&D, Dr. Chen YX presented "TEM/FIB/SEM/EDX/EBSD application in Failure Analysis". Dr. Shen YQ presented "SIMS/XPS/FTIR/AFM application in Material Characterization and Surface Contamination".

Our technical experts had a constructive discussion with the participants on the latest FA development and hot topics. Through real case study, we shared insightful opinions from failure symptom to root cause identification, from yield lost to reliability improvement.

[2012-Sep] 6th SJCC Meeting Launch

The 6th Singapore-Jiangsu Cooperation Council (SJCC) meeting in Taizhou, Jiangsu on 20 September 2012. WinTech Nano MD Li Xiaomin and Director Fu Chao was participating as delegate in the SJCC. The SJCC to visting other cities in Jiangsu, including Nanjing and Wuxi. This mission will be led by the Co-Chairman of the SJCC, Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister of Educationand Vice Co-Chairman of the SJCC, Mr Teo Ser Luck, Minister-of-State for Trade and Industry.

MD Li with Minister Mr. Heng Swee Keat

MD Li and Suzhou Mayor, Mr. Zhou Nai Xiang

[2012-Aug] WinTech Nano Suzhou is now opened!

WinTech Nano is expanding to China. The Suzhou is officially open in 2012 Aug. With the new foot stone in China, we will be even closer to the world 2nd largest economy entity.

China is transforming it economy from low end manufacturing to higher value added knowledge based economy. There are huge amount of effort undergoing to upgrade the economy structure where advance material characterization become essential. There are many customers impressed by the value provided by WinTech Nano. We will continue to grow the Suzhou operation targeting to be the top analytical solution provider in China.

[2011-11-29] WinTech Nano MD Li presented to Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Trade Minister Lim Hng Kiang

MD Li is presenting to PM Lee Hsien Loong

MD Li is presenting to Trade Minister Lim Hng Kiang

[2011-11-29] WinTech Nano presented in A*Star 20 years anniversary commemorative publication launch event

In conjunction with our 2011 celebrations, A*STAR produced a commemorative publication - a meaningful record of Singapore's journey in R&D showing how far we have come as a nation in the span of two decades. WinTech Nano was selected as the only Singapore enterprise to be presented in the launch event. WinTech has been working closely with A*STAR for further develop our service capability and productivity.

We wish A*Star happy 20 years birthday.

WinTech Nano MD Li Xiaomin (left) with A*STAR Chairman Lim Chuan Poh (right)

[2011-11-16] WinTech Nano published on imaging sensor

Congratulations to WinTech Nano Material Characterization Center on the latest image sensor analysis. Image sensor is used in almost every mobile phone been produced. The pixel size and image quality is improving tremendously. It also pose increasing demand in contamination control in the image sensor. In this paper, our team is analyzing a 3 mega pixel CMOS sensor. The joint paper is published in IEEE EPTC 2011 conference.

[2011-10-20] Singapore FIB/TEM User Group Meeting

Singapore FIB/TEM User Group Meeting is held on 20th/Oct./2011 at Raffles city Convention Center. WinTech Nano is the organizer for this year event with sponsor FEI Company. This year event attract speaker and audient from various background in Material Science, Semiconductor, Electronics, Biology, Storage. This showing increasing Electron Microscopy users in Singapore in various research applications.

[2011-06-23] WinTech Nano is TOP 15 SME in Emerging Enterprise 2011

The Business Times and OCBC Bank launch Emerging Enterprise award to recognise outstanding Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. WinTech Nano is the TOP15 winner in the Emerging Enterprise 2011. This award marks WinTech Nano as the leading Singapore based service laboratory in Material Characterization and Failure Analysis.

The Emerging Enterprise 2011 is co-presented by The Business Times and OCBC Bank, and supported by RSM Chio Lim, SPRING Singapore, NUS Extension, Acorn Marketing & Research, and SingTel.

[2011-03-24] WinTech Nano in the latest graphene research

Congratulations to WinTech Nano Material Characterization Center on the latest graphene research. Graphene is made of a single mono layer of Carbon which is suitable for TOF-SIMS analysis. TOF-SIMS is able to analyze top 1-3 monolayer with high mass detection limit at ppm level. The joint research paper "Pyridinic N doped graphene: synthesis, electronic structure, and electrocatalytic property" was published on Journal of Materials Chemistry Issue 22, 2011

[2008-06] Founding member of Singapore TEM User Group
[2008-05] Certification received from Minister Of State For Trade And Industry, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan
[2008-03] International Integrate Circuit 2008, China
[2008-01] Failure Analysis Center starts at Science Park II for operation
[2007-12] Sponsored RFIT, Singapore
[2007-12] MIDAS Member
[2007-09] Singapore SME Packaging Consortium founded member

[2007-06] Sponsored IEEE-IPFA, Singapore
[2007-01] Research paper on "Applied Surface Science"
[2006-07] Participate IEEE-IPFA 2006
[2006-07] Singapore FIB Application Group
[2006-03] Participate Semicon 2006, China
[2005-11] Research project with NTU PEN center