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OBIRCH/TIVA (Thermal Induced Voltage Alteration)

OBIRCH/TIVA is widely recognized as a fast and effective tool for fault isolation in semiconductor devices. OBIRCH/TIVA uses focused laser beam serves as active probe to scan and locate the open/short defect in the current biased device. The focused laser scanning will causes a localized thermal gradient changes at the scanning location which leads to localized resistance changes. Such resistance changes will be captured when monitoring the voltage changes across the constant current supply pins. OBIRCH/TIVA laser equipped with two wavelengths 1340nm for Silicon IC and 1064nm for III-V material. OBIRCH/TIVA analysis could be performed from front-side or back-side.

Strengths Limitations

- OBIRCH/TIVA signal spot is relative small
- Can be detect both junction failure and metallization defect

- OBIRCH/TIVA signal might be block by metallization