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IC Circuit Edit

IC Circuit edit is an important tool for IC designers to achieve fast and reliable circuit verification result. Circuit edit services is done in the FIB (Focused Ion Beam). FIB with certain GIS (Gas Injection System) sources, ion beam etching speed against certain materials will be accelerated tens of times.

These selective/precision milling/deposition capabilities granted FIB with more powerful applications in IC (Integrated Circuit) circuit modifications (also known as device modification, or micro-surgery). Circuit modification is to rewire or re-pattern certain inter-connections, or cut off certain inter-connections on real chips to realize IC chip function changing. It is very helpful for IC designers to debug their design errors on testing chips before mass-productions.

WinTech Nano offers two types of Circuit Edit services: Circuit Modification & Signal Tapout. We are able to perform circuit edit on decapsulated die or singulated die. WinTech Nano has experience over 1000 circuit edit cases with whole range of