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AES (Auger Electron Spectroscopy)

  • Auger Electron Spectroscopy is a near surface (<5nm) instrument capable of quantifying many elements from a fraction of 1 atomic percent up to 100 percent. It also has better lateral resolution (<10nm) than TOF SIMS, and better surface sensitivity than EDX.
  • Elemental Auger mapping is very flexible, and it excels in identifying the composition of small defects and residues.
  • Quantified depth profiling through layers can provide both layer composition and interfacial contamination levels.

Strengths Limitations

- Quantification without separate standards
- Very good lateral resolution
- Quantifying small defects and residues
- Quantifying compositions up to 100%

- Time consuming mapping and depth profiling
- Detection limits only down to fraction of 1%
- Some elements can not be detected
- Volatile materials may sublime in UHV/e-beam