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Dynamic SIMS

  • Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry instruments capable of parts-per-billion sensitivity for depth profiling analysis.
  • Has high mass resolution capability, and often used for P doped samples in SI wafers (MR > 4000).
  • Depth profiling can be optimized for low energy ultra-shallow implants or for several micron deep layers.

Specifications Applications

- Dual source (O & Cs)
- Sensitivity: ppm-ppb
- Depth resolution < 1nm
- Detect all elements with isotope information
- Sputter energy: O 2+: 1-10kv, Cs+: 1-15kv
- Best mass resolution > 25400

- Depth profiling
- Thin film composition: Ntrided gate oxide and SiGe
- Contamination analysis and control in oxide/active/well

CAMECA IMS3f Magnetic SIMS Instrument

Typical schematic of a dynamic SIMS instrument. High energy ions are supplied by an ion gun (1 or 2) and focused on to the target sample (3), which ionizes and sputters some atoms off the surface. These secondary ions are then collected by ion lenses (5) and filtered according to atomic mass (6), then projected onto an electron multiplier (7, top), Faraday cup (7, bottom), or CCD screen (8).

More information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secondary_ion_mass_spectrometry